Polymer Dance offers contemporary classes at Sunset

The intermediate class warms up with a series of exercises (EDMOND LU photo)

Vancouver-based Polymer Dance has teamed up with Sunset Community Centre to offer contemporary classes at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre.

Kristina Lemieux and Miriam Esquitín created Polymer Dance because both work in the non-profit sector with busy schedules but also love to dance. They found Vancouver’s dance scene too inflexible and institutionalized to accommodate non-professional dancers like themselves.

Polymer Dance’s aim is to provide instruction and performance opportunities to hobbyist dancers interested in the contemporary style.

Polymer sometimes invites guest instructors, like Ashley pictured here. (EDMOND LU photo)

Esquitín has been teaching dance since 1999, with training in ballet and other dance techniques. She named the group Polymer because like the chemical compound, each individual changes the properties of the whole.

“It’s very representative of what we’re doing…ultimately we’re a unit made of our individualities,” said Esquitín.

Lemieux has been dancing most of her life, but she has not received any professional dance training before coming to Vancouver from Edmondton. She uses her strong organization skills to select dancers from all skill levels and puts together performances in various venues.

“It’s a very conscious choice, to be using public space.” Lemieux said.

“Art should go back to the community,” Esquitín added. “It’s a more democratic approach, that’s very important to us.”

Each class is divided into two portions, the first part focuses on the techniques of contemporary dance, and the second is for improvisation. This improvised aspect is what makes contemporary dance so appealing, Lemieux suggests. “There’s structure, but within that structure there’s a lot of room for individuality.”

As a part of their “anybody can dance” philosophy, Polymer offers a beginner’s class, but Miriam suggests prospective students should at least know what contemporary dance is.

“After all, you don’t sign up for a contemporary class like you do a Zumba class.” She said.

“There’s structure, but within that structure there’s a lot of room for individuality.” (EDMOND LU photo)


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